NASBA & AICPA CPA licensure changes

Will these Changes to CPA Licensure affect you?

NASBA and the AICPA are reaching out to get a public opinion on the viability of the current CPA licensure model in the wake of technological change. At Capsule Business and Tax, we definitely recognize the need to educate ourselves on a regular basis on how traditional accounting interacts with things like big data, artificial intelligence, and automated functions for low and mid level work. The organizations have set five principles as guidelines for the potential changes with hot button topics like IT audit and governance being in the forefront.

We definitely advise any accounting folks to take the survey at the link shown below and type a bit of feedback to NASBA and thr AICPA. Regardless of any outcomes, there is little doubt that existing and emerging technologies will have a huge part to play in the profession for years to come!

Link to survey can be found here.

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